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Eagle Ordinary

Less fast attack, more Rough Riders, if you know what I'm sayin.

A Brief Thank You

My name is Kaiser, I do the art for this comic but I'm not the only one working on it. With me are Dave, Jon, Colin, and the Mikes. I might be putting the 'ink' to the 'page', but if it weren't for them it wouldn't be there.

I don't illustrate for a living, If I do it at all I do it for fun, and I do it because I love it. But occasionally life throws you a curve ball and the only drive and love you can muster gets reserved for work. I lost the will to daydream, and with it the urge to draw or paint or do anything that I had loved up until that point.

Eagle Ordinary is a recounting of adventures within a tabletop RPG run by David. When David and his group found me I was on the ropes between losing a good friend and having a couple of my favorite games putter out around the same time. Him and his co-horts adopted me, more or less, off of Reddit about 6 months ago and have generously put up with my pandering fanart and pitiful bleats for roleplay ever since.

His group had been playing together for a long time, and I was a major outlier. The new person, the only American to a group of Canadians, the avid role player to their occasional and casual roleplaying, and even more daunting, the one female. I was about as likely a fit as a left shoe on a right foot, but they welcomed me more or less with open arms. They've humored my jonseying for roleplay, they've kept me company while working late at night bantering about Canadian slang, and let me share in on their crazy space adventures.

There's something about RPGs and storytelling that always captured my imagination. That said it's hard work to find a RPG that's consistent, and a good many of games tend to die out within their first couple months so I've learned not to get attached. Differences between members, a GM unprepared for the sheer amount of work involved, or life can easily get in the way. These guys were awesome from the get-go; they're passionate, creative, insightful and driven, but somehow they still make time to hop on roll20 and hunt down the enemies of the Imperium each week. They've been awesome buddies and upstanding servants of the Emperor, and best of all, they've given me something to daydream about again.

Besides that, I'll be damned if every other thing these guys write doesn't at least get a chuckle out of me. Each page finished is its own reward as I get to watch them put the next one together. This is as much as a pleasure for you, dear reader, as it is for me.

So here's to you guys, Dave, Jon, Colin, Mikes. Your bacon may not be real bacon, but you're still the genuine article.

October 6th, 2014, 10:08 pm
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October 14th, 2014, 6:05 am

I already said it on DA but oh gosh the layout and composition are so good!

October 14th, 2014, 10:27 am

@Oly-RRR: Thanks! It came together pretty well! Still have pages to finish tho =u=

November 17th, 2014, 11:44 pm

Wow this artwork is really well done. Definitely interested in what's coming next!

What's some of the ways we can support you so you keep making more?

November 18th, 2014, 10:19 am

@Talo: Tell your friends and come back every week for updates!

November 18th, 2014, 11:22 am

@Talo: What Dave said, seeing as this isn't our IP, we really can't make anything doing this. (Or rather, I'm paying $85 a year to do this, since we don't even throw ads on to cover hosting, less we risk GW's wrath.)

I try and fit in what I can around my fulltime job, but as it is I can't do more than one a week. :(

March 7th, 2015, 6:33 am

I already love this comic!
Keep up the good work! :D

February 22nd, 2017, 7:45 am

how are canadians not americans?

May 2nd, 2017, 3:44 am

I was going to leave a comment about how your comic reminded me of shining force which is my favorite rpg of all time. but you covered that in the thank you letter. i find it very refreshing that someone loves rpgs like i did and had the same frustration with them that i did. which drew me to drawing comics myself. Nice work, and let me introduce myself. I am Mick Michaels II.

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