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Eagle Ordinary

Sometimes you share a story so cool, you need to tell it to your friends
This is one of those stories.

Back in 2013, we shared a game of Only War, a Warhammer 40k RPG by Fantasy Flight Games.
The game ran online through Roll20.net for something shy of two years, and was comprised of a mix of new friends and old ones. Dave, our story teller, lead us on an awesome journey with our pack of underqualified guardsmen through friend turned foe, foe turned friend, and victory of the common man past insurmountable odds. Wanting to share it with the world, Kaiser dragged whoever was willing into the grueling work of comicifying the experience, and found some talented folks to help round out the team. Not listed below are Mike (Minwu and Avicenna) and Colin (Blutock and Grigg) who joined us on our journey, and ventured off to start their next one!


Illustrator, Web Dev, Writer
Kaiser works in Boston, MA as a software consultant in biotech and data analytics. Kaiser also enjoys gaming, tinkering with electronics, making props and brewing, and doodlin. Played Talon and Kosomov in the original game.

Richard McKey

Writer, PR Guy
Richard is a part modeler, part cosplayer, part GM, part wargamer, part hype man, and fully loyal to the Imperium of Man. He writes dialogue and manages the social media accounts for Eagle Ordinary.

David Bartfai

Story Writer, Game Master
A biologist, brewer, and newly minted dad. David make beer in the frigid wastes of Canada and occasionally play RPGs and kickbox between diaper changes. He was also the game master for the original game the comic's based off of, and Hobbs, Holt, and Perray's creator, among many more.

Moses Nester

J. Moses Nester is a freelance comic artist, illustrator, and Tabletop RPG enthusiast. His works include the Jekyll Island Chronicles and the Horizon Anthology. You can see more of his art at partthewaters.tumblr.com.

Jonathan Allen

Bioinformatician, entrepreneur, and massive geek. Jon is a cofounder for a bioinformatics startup called Genswer, a company for developing bioinformatics software and analyzing next gen sequencing data. He also played Brinton and Karl.

Inquisitor Vawn

Under cover as a humble member of the Administratum during the day, Inquisitor Vawn harbours dreams of writing and sometimes makes those dreams a reality by shouting at the EO crew until some of her ideas stick.