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"Why do you need to know my bluff skill. That's totally how it happened."

The payload is reaching the terminus!

Hey folks! Kaiser here, so the chapter is wrapping up next week, the same week I'm moving! And I'm happy to say it's all set to go and I'm really looking forward to next chapter.

I'm also looking forward to the chapter break. Not just because I get to catch up on a year's worth of gaming, but because there's some amazing folks who're stepping up to cover for the month that I'll be out shuffling furniture around, catching up on life, and setting up for the next chapter.

It's worth mentioning that we're somewhere between 1/3rd and 1/4th of the way through the script and it's been a hell of a trip so far. I'm learning a lot about my own workflow and storytelling in general; slowly but surely I think we're getting better. (I hope we are, anyways!) I want to thank you all for reading, for lending your thoughts, comments, and critique, and for accompanying us along the way.

Ever since starting this comic I've had some neat projects come my way that I'd had to turn down for the sake of keeping EO going, but I've never regretted it. If it weren't for EO I wouldn't have gotten them in the first place, and while I've spent a bunch of money and time (two months of solid drawing, apparently!) on this project, it's all worth it just to meet the folks I have. Seeing folks empathize with a story and characters I love, watching strangers hope and plan for them, having them drawn by artists I have the utmost respect for (sometimes even without prompting!) is a childhood dream right up there with becoming a jet pilot or having a pet bat. I don't think those last two are happening, but one for three isn't bad.

So thank you so much, I'm looking forward to my month off, but I'm anticipating starting up again even more.

22 Aug 2016 09:33 am

22 Aug 2016 09:39 am



Best if taken in count that was happened, quite ....DECORATED.... but yes. Talon makes a hell of an storyteller

22 Aug 2016 10:34 am


@Sarraceno: I think he has a future in the holo-flick industry if this whole commissar thing doesn't work out.

22 Aug 2016 11:47 am


@peachpunk: Who knows? Maybe he'll even work for the next season of "The Adventures of Commissar Cain"? The Emperor will be pleased..

22 Aug 2016 12:07 pm


@Cpt. Johannes Wyss von Krieg:

Talon: *GASP* Do you think?! I mean, I've seen all of the episodes, including that one the Inquisition supposedly banned. Found a bootleg copy at the base exchange! I only got a severe flogging when the abbot found it too! And-And I've got all the books, and the comics, I almost have all the first editions of arch 2, Into the Maw of Oblivion. One's even signed by the Cain himself! My brother thinks its fake but I know it's the real thing, I can feel it!

I always figured if I joined up and believed in myself and the Emperor, like Cain does, I could become a Lord Commissar and meet him at a... a... like a commissar convention or something. A... what do you call those? Symposium? The one with the little sandwiches. I could do that and see if his signature was the real deal, and then I could tell him all about my idea for an arch with my OC, Rogue Trader Claw of the Damascus Gulf! He could be a great foil for Cain, I wrote a whole story about it, and my younger brother said it was very good.

Maybe he'd even sign my hat! Or my sword! Or my forehead!

22 Aug 2016 12:56 pm



Aetta: ... Well that is Cain's signature, but I'm pretty sure it's a print one of the "Cain Cadet Signature Stamps" that they gave out with the limited edition Holovid collection...

22 Aug 2016 01:02 pm



Talon: No way! I got one of those, collected all the stamps from the Ultra-Munch Corpse-Os myself. They've got a funny little notch right between the two ms where the cursive print doesn't quite line up. Here I'll show you.

See, look here, no not-... oh... oh no.'re right!

I need to go.... stew in some existential dread for a few hours. Don't mind me.

22 Aug 2016 01:09 pm



Aetta: Hey, hey buddy. It's okay. I mean, you're not wrong. It's still Cain's signature after all, they made the prints based of his actual autograph...

Want a glass of milk and some cookies?

23 Aug 2016 12:19 am


@InquisitorVawn: I invite all of you to milk & cookies in the planet my unit is stationed in. I know they look less lively than cog-priests but they are hardcore fans. Junior Commissar Talon can bring his special holo-vid and *Soldier, is this a secure channel? Yes it is.* and I have the special adamantium edition of Cain himself in the trading card game, I did check, and it IS made out of adamantioum. If you want to trade cards or enjoy the milk & cookies the local population makes here while watching THE Marathon of Cain's Adventures + special interview with the cast, feel free to join. If the Colonel asks any questions, just say you're on behalf of the "Capitan with the Pink Helm".

22 Aug 2016 12:57 pm


@peachpunk: Cain is ok, but Sly Marbo has the best holo-flick series. I heard that Sly Marbo doesn't need no fancy set they film him on actual front lines. He directs the scenes and preforms at the same time.

I remember one short holo-flick where he defeated some Dark Eldar and heroically saved some Imperial Citizens. I also heard that flick was produced by a retired chapter master of some sort of space marine chapter

22 Aug 2016 01:06 pm



No way, Sly Marbo's flicks are great for explosions and stunts, sure. But they're so... empty! Cain's movies are inspirational! They're so... so... relatable and-and amazing and of course, 100% true! You can't beat real life!

I mean, sure, maybe sly can flip a flaming hoverbike off the top of a valk into a warboss's face. But like... When Cain pulled that kid from his folk's wrecked hab in season 6, episode 5, and gave him his cap... I- I... I touched me, man. I think I bawled for days. Oof, tearing up just thinking about it.

22 Aug 2016 01:24 pm


@peachpunk: Sure you can say that, but Sly Marbo is doing the Emperor's work, Stories said that his marksmanship rivals any known top assassin and survival skills that best most space marines.

The fact that he's a native born Catachan makes him more hardened then most Schola graduates.

If you want inspirational scenes then you can have Cain to look to, But if want to see a single man take on and exterminate any dirty xeno and purge the unclean heretics single-handed in a pure action blockbuster, SLY... MARBO!

22 Aug 2016 01:32 pm




24 Aug 2016 01:19 am


@Sarraceno: I would say that short destroyed the catachan character except I'm not sure there was a lot of character to be found in a Predator/Rambo ripoff army to begin with.

24 Aug 2016 02:15 pm


@Metal C0Mmander:

None at all, thats the fun, marbo is perhaps the most unfleshed and uninspired characternmade by GW ever, so, still prefer what those shorts did of him

24 Aug 2016 01:14 am


@peachpunk: generally, if your career in the imperial guard, be it trooper or commissar, doesn't work out you become a "demonstration to improve company moral"

22 Aug 2016 09:59 am


Sounds like Talon takes narrative inspiration from Lady General Jenit Sulla.

22 Aug 2016 11:00 am


@Gaz: That is actually a very accurate inference... Especially in terms of the amount of spewed hyperbole. XD

22 Aug 2016 10:16 am


If Talon is not cut out for commissar work, He could get a job in the Administratum Historical Revision Unit.

22 Aug 2016 12:05 pm


I read his narrative in Ciaphas Cain's voice.

22 Aug 2016 12:13 pm


@Talancir: Oh man, that was a great voice actor for the audio play. I always waffle on what Talon sounds like, but I imagine it's a bit like this fellow, only with a southernish-English accent.

Bonus that the guy even looks like Talon quite a bit. Most of his videos are a bit too high-octane for me, but the resemblance is uncanny enough to make me chuckle.

22 Aug 2016 02:41 pm


@peachpunk: I.. I didn't even notice how much they looked alike until you linked that video. Now I'll never be able to hear Talon sounding like anything else.

24 Aug 2016 08:48 am


@peachpunk: well that begs the question: what do you think each person sounds like? I was hoping to pin Commissar Holt's voice on Kevin McKidd, but Holt seems like a lower tone and more deliberate in his speech. Perhaps Ciaran Hinds.

24 Aug 2016 09:04 am


@Talancir: You know, I asked our GM what he sounded like once, and Dave had said he only ever imagined him as a generic old man voice.

However, me being obsessive about these things wasn't satisfied with that answer, and I had my own idea of what he sounded like. When it comes to Holt, it all seems to go back to Peter Cushing, who's both incredibly gentle and charming. He's one of my favorite human beings to have ever existed and a point of inspiration for how the old man looks, and acts to a certain extent. So I imagine a lot of his manner of speech, I think.

That said, (and to drag my reply out further!) I really love the two gentlemen you linked, Ciaran Hinds especially. The soft spoken manner with clear enunciation is right on the ball. I like that you went Scottish/Irish in origin though, and I'm a bit curious as to what lead you there!

24 Aug 2016 09:21 pm


@peachpunk: I'd rewatched the HBO series Rome recently. in that, Kevin McKidd played a centurion named Lucius Vorenus, and Ciaran Hinds played Julius Caesar.

22 Aug 2016 02:38 pm


@peachpunk: I imagine that if he kept going the scenes would show him high-fiving the Emperor while looking like a Space Marine.

22 Aug 2016 03:42 pm


Hey Talon, looks like you have a fallback if this whole Commissar thing doesn't work out - you could totally go around to Militarium academies and keep them riveted to their seats with tales of your exploits! *Coughs*Thatisifyougetouttathisinonepiece*Coughs*
Excuse me, it's a little dusty out here on the battlefield, desert worlds and all that flak.

22 Aug 2016 04:08 pm


"IG"... Pathetic, useless and traitorous... Served under Brother-Captain Davian Thule on Kronus. Stormed Victory Bay. Wasn't fun at all. Azariah Kyras turning roughly half of Blood Ravens to Khorne during 2nd Aurelian Crusade cost me my Devastator Sargeant and lot of manpower. At least, Master Gabriel Angelos gave me command over 4th Company for my heroics and courage.

22 Aug 2016 07:56 pm


@Brother-Captain Revan: I'm sorry but what do you mean by corn, are you saying that your chapter master turn half of you chapter into a ancient terran vegetable?

23 Aug 2016 02:04 am


@LordOfWar867:Khorne - The Blood God, one of Chaos deities, aside from Nurgle, Tzeench and Slaneesh. Emperor protects. Suspicious mind is heathy mind.

22 Aug 2016 10:20 pm


I-I can't decide if this is the result of an amazing success or a critical failure on Talon's skill check.

22 Aug 2016 10:23 pm


Why - by the love of the golden throne - is Talon a commissar? Give that man a Vox-caster and a story to spin. Clearly he's missed his calling. Just one more misplaced asset within the Imperium, I guess.

Side note; Talon's heroic face is amazing.

23 Aug 2016 05:12 pm


That subtle reference to Zoro from One Piece in the fourth panel. Also if the illustration is anything to go off of, I would say that it was a smashing success of catastrophic proportions.

24 Aug 2016 04:22 am


Brinton with mustache XD Well I can die happy now ^^

24 Aug 2016 01:43 pm


I'm pretty sure this is exactly how the Imperium would depict both their fine Guardsmen and the vile Xenos.

25 Aug 2016 10:36 pm


@xXWeaponPrimeXx: Only thing missing is a portrait of the emperor arching over in the background and you got yourself a propaganda poster

26 Aug 2016 02:09 am


I don´t know where is the problema, the history sound like just another day in the dark future, gothic, eldricht and with a lot of heroic descriptions..."nutting suspicius ´ere"

27 Aug 2016 04:46 am


@peachpunk If I may nitpick just a tad, in the last panel I remember it being spelled "sowing" when used in that context. Churlish statements aside, wonderful story that Talon spun there, even Cegorach himself applauds his talents

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